Airplane Airplane Tactile Book Assembly

A book about an airplane’s journey – from take-off to travel! Video for customers assembling tactile book purchase.

Touchchat Add a New Page

Learn how to create and link a new page using the communication app Touch chat for the iPad.



Microsoft Free Add Ins and Supports for Reading

This webinar covers free add-ins and other tricks that can be done within Microsoft Word to enable students with reading disabilities to better access print material.

"Tap Speak" for iPad

Communication App Demonstration

Building a Picture Schedule with Boardmaker

Learn how to make a picture schedule in a snap.

Creating Picture Schedule in Boardmaker

Learn how to create a picture schedule in a matter of minutes using Boardmaker.

Writing with Boardmaker Plus

Learn how to utilize Boardmaker Plus as a powerful writing tool.

Creating a Low Tech Communication Board in Studio

How to create a low tech communication board using Boardmaker Studio.