VREP Student - Oak Hills High School

Interview with Oak Hills High School student after 6 months in VREP program.

eTech Ohio 2012 Student Exhibits

Four students showcase their work with technology at the eTech Ohio 2012 Conference.

Using Minecraft for Learning

5 minute demo of Minecraft as described by Jacob Kovacs, 7th grade, Milford Junior High.

Tech Tools for Collaboration - NCH

10 minute video highlighting tools available to NCH staff and students that support collaborative learning.


Problem Based Learning Experiences App video.

Tech Tools for Nonlinguistic Representations

10 minute video highlighting technology tools that support creating nonlinguistic representations.


Presentation by NCH HS students at Jan 2013 Curriculum Directors meeting.

Next Steps with Google Docs

Next steps with Google Docs at NCH.

What's Google Drive?

What's Google Drive and why should I use it?

New Features in Google Classroom - Fall 2015

Laura Bubnick of the HCESC Technology Assistance Group prepared this video covering new features available in Google Classroom. Be sure to check out her blog post at http://tech.hcesc.org/5-additions-for-going-back-to-school-with-google-classroom/.

The Green Room - Loveland Elementary School

Heidi Weber invited us into her classroom where she teaches Reading and Gifted instruction. Her room is as unique as the learning that takes place there. This video was originally shown at the January 2016 Technology Leadership Council.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

NORT2H Augmented Reality Sandbox - OETC 2017.